ˈeləmənt - noun

1. a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic.

We are a youth group that is focused on Christ. We believe He is essential for not only salvation, but also living a fun-filled and fulfilled life.


Who?   6-12 graders

When?   Every Wednesday from 7-8:30p

Where?   Cornerstone Christian Fellowship 7414 E. Michigan Rd. Waldron, IN 46182

Element Team

Jenna Mitchell
 Youth Pastor

jenna head shot

Hi there! My husband, Matthew, and I have been lead pastors at Cornerstone for just over 2 years. I have helped with the youth for a couple years, and truly enjoy pouring into these young teens' lives. God transformed my life as a young adult, and being able to be a part of God's work in their life is what it's all about! 🙌☺

Beth Waltz
Youth Leader


Hey! I've attended Cornertone for 6 years now, and have worked with the youth going on 4 years! I help out with lessons, event planning, snacks, etc! I am passionate about seeing the lives of today's youth impacted and changed by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm blessed to be a part of something bigger than myself!

cellphone - 812.593.9587

email - waltz2605@gmail.com

Taylor Coon
Youth Leader


Hey there! I have been involved with Element for one year! My main roles are event planning and event execution! I also help out with lesson planning. I love what I do! The main reason of why I love helping with Element is because my youth group days have shaped my walk with Christ so much. I can firmly say if I wasn't involved in youth group, I wouldn't be the Christian I am today. My aspiration is that the youth that I get to spend time with every week will one day graduate from our program and have a similar testimony.

email - taylor@ccfindiana.org

Kaitlynn Coon
Youth Helper


Hi everyone! I have been involved with Element for a year with my husband, Taylor. I'm the social media and advertising guru! So make sure you like our Instagram and Facebook page! When I was a teenager, I was really lost. I felt as if I didn't have anyone I could go to for help when I needed it. I choose to be a part of the youth because if there is even one student who needs encouragement or guidance, I'd love to be able to help. I don't want anyone to feel alone like I did!

text - 317.642.8614

Tonja Yarling
Youth Helper


Hi! This is my first year helping with Element. My boys started coming last year. They enjoyed it so much that I thought I would like to help out and maybe learn a few things myself! 🙂